Takes you back to the restaurant run by a large Italian family. Fresh pasta was excellent. Specials were fresh and tasty.

Always Dependable. Staple Italian Food.

A tried and true local Italian Restaurant where you can order Pizza or a huge Pasta Dish prepared to consistent standards. Something for everyone on the Menu. Family run and family feel. Gives you the feeling of Italian comfort food.

Italian Food without anything fancy going on. Great bar to eat and watch sports in a non-party atmosphere.

Love it!

Good old fashioned no frills Italian.

Great familly place. Staff are kind. Homely Feeling.

Southern Italian doesn't get any better than this!

You must try the Baked Chicken. A great place for a family affair.

What can one say about this old time Pizzeria. I enjoyed going there for a fun dinner. It isn't fancy. The food is good. You can enjoy yourself. Fine dining it doesn't aspire to be, and fine dining it isn't.
—Paul H.

The most outstanding Italian food. Simply divine. A favorite for families celebrating special occasions.
—Michele C.

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